7000 Baby Names. Classic and Modern by Hilary Spence

By Hilary Spence

The enjoyable of naming your child. sooner than you devote your baby to a reputation for all times, flick through this e-book. banquet your mind's eye on an enormous variety of decisions from the fashionable to the conventional, and from the preferred to the delicate. You by no means observed such a lot of how you can christen your child with kind and suitability. significant names, musical names, mystical names - they're all during this publication.

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Roman goddess of the moon and of hunting (Deanna, Dee, Decima, Di, Diahann, Dian, Diandra, Diane, Dianna, Dianne, Dyana, Dyane, Dyanna) Diane see Diana Diantha (Greek) 'Divine flower of Zeus' (Dianthe, Dianthia) Diaphenia (Greek) 'Shedding light' Dicentra (Greek) 'Flower'. Flower commonly known as bleeding heart Dicky see Ricarda Didi (Hebrew) 'Beloved' Didiane (French) Feminine of Didier (Didière) Dido (Greek) 'Teacher' Diella (Latin) 'One who worships God' Dilys (Welsh) 'Perfect' Dimphia see Dymphia Dinah (Hebrew) 'Judgement'.

Ida Down or Honey Comb could be misleading. Names beginning with the same letter as your surname can work, and can sound rather odd, so check that the combination has the effect you want. Rhyming names and surnames are not usually successful. Complement a long surname with a shorter first name, or vice versa: Tom Wilkinson rather than Templeton Wilkinson, for example. Similarly, team a common surname with a more unusual first name so that your child does not encounter too many people with the same name.

One with perfect features and colouring Carol see Caroline Carolina see Caroline Caroline (Teutonic) 'Little woman born to command'. The power behind the throne; the hand which rocks the cradle and rules the world. One who is all that is feminine but who rules and controls. Also used as the feminine of Charles (Carey, Carilla, Carlin, Carline, Carly, Caro, Carol, Carola, Carole, Carolina, Caryn, Cazzie, Charleen, Charlene, Charline, Lena, Lina, Line, Sharleen, Sharlene, Sharline) see also Charlotte Caron see Cheron Caronwen (Welsh) 'Little fair love' Carrie see Caroline Caryl (Welsh) 'Beloved' (Carryl, Carys) Caryn see Catherine Casey (Irish) 'Brave' (Cacy, Casie) Casilda (Spanish) 'The solitary one' (Casilde) Casimira (Latin) 'Bringer of peace' Casmira see Kasmira Cassandra (Greek) Prophetess ignored by men (Cass, Cassandre, Cassie, Kassandra) Cassia (Greek) 'Spicy cinnamon' Cassidy (Irish) 'Clever' Cassiopeia (Greek) 'Scent of flowers' Casta (Latin) 'Of pure upbringing' (Caste) Catalina see Catherine Caterina see Catherine Catherine (Greek) 'Pure maiden'.

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