Acupuncture, Expertise and Cross-Cultural Medicine by Roberta E. Bivins (auth.)

By Roberta E. Bivins (auth.)

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28 But most importantly, James ridiculed Chinese theories and medical knowledge, and the positive tone in which both had previously been reported: [The Chinese] imagine, that there is a certain circulation of the blood and spirits, which conveys the radical moisture, and the native heat, thro' the veins and vessels of the twelve members . . This phantastic and ridiculous account of a circulation of the fluids in a human body has induced some of the less wary and circumspect of the Europeans to assert, that the circulation of the blood was very early known to the Chinese .

These restrictive diets surely were indicative of a systemic approach ± certainly, Gillan did not argue that the Chinese believed that vinegar, wine or oil caused the lues venera. But diets clearly did not fit Gillan's idea of a remedy, or his model for systemic therapy, probably because the archetypal systemic remedy was blood-letting, with purging and vomits close behind. Gillan's emphatic belief in the importance of the collateral sciences to medical practice ± dogma among the University of Edinburgh 36 Acupuncture, Expertise and Cross-Cultural Medicine medical faculty ± is evident throughout his report on Chinese medicine.

The experiment also provided an opportunity to present the Chinese as possessed of a simple, static and dogmatic medical culture. Thus Staunton's account noted with satisfaction the surprise, astonishment and, on the part of the doctors, embarrassment, attributed to the Chinese observing and participating in it. In both the published and unpublished reports, the authors made it clear that Chinese theories about the pulse led inevitably to an incorrect diagnosis. Such a diagnosis could only produce a ridiculous therapeutic strategy.

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