Adsorption of Ammonia by Proteins by Bancroft W. D.

By Bancroft W. D.

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Ann. Report, 2000). , 2001) but effects on flowering need examination. THREE ROLES FOR GIBBERELLIN IN FLOWERING 20-oxidase GA19 GA3 GA20 GA5 33 3-oxidase GA6 GA1 GA29 GA8 2-oxidase Figure 1. The last steps in synthesis of bioactive 13-hydroxylated GAs showing the two important synthetic enzymes (in bold) and the subsequent catabolic enzyme (2oxidase) which inactivates GAs. The increases in LD of leaf GAs provide a picture consistent with GAs acting as LD floral stimuli. However, to establish that GAs are long day floral stimuli it is also essential to show matching increases in them or in their bioactive products in the shoot apex and this has now been achieved with the grass L.

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