Advanced mechanics of materials by Boresi A.P., Schmidt R.J.

By Boresi A.P., Schmidt R.J.

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Note that the present derivation avoids making assumptions like those used by Kim and Pevsner in which the neutrino is produced which can be questioned as shown below because of the uncertainty at time t=O, and necessary for coherence. ‘w XV. SPACE, We now present TIME, RELATIVITY a simple picture AND QUANTUM to guide intuition through MECHANICS all the arguments relativity, proper time, and the equivalence of space and time. In all experiments about the neut rino leaves the source as a wave packet which has a finite length in space and time.

Lett. B63 (1976)201. [11] Harry J. Lipkin, Quantum Mechanics, North-Holland p. 194, problem Publishing Co. Amsterdam (1973) 5 ‘w [12] J. Lowe, B. Bassalleck, H. Burkhardt, A Rusek and G. J. , Phgs. B 384 (1996)288 [13] H. Burkhard, J. J. D. Yu. Morozov, Jr. and T. B. G. Schepkink, Nucl. Phys.

1. The centers of the wave packets move apart with the relative velocity eq. 14). 18) The wave packets will separate when this separation in space of the wave packet. The uncertainty distance is comparable to the length principle suggests that the length of the wave packet (6z)W satisfies the relation (&c)~ The ratio of the separation . 20) 2. Stodolsky [9] has suggested that one need not refer to the time development wave packet, but only to the neutrino energy spectrum. ) between the two mass eigenstate source depends upon the neutrino momentum Coherence With this approach we note that waves at a distance z from the of the distance z where the variation of the range (fip)w within the wave packet is of order unity.

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