African Americans During Reconstruction (Slavery in the by Richard Worth

By Richard Worth

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Some carpetbaggers did come south to buy up cotton plantations at low prices, but many others were successful Northern lawyers, teachers, and newspaper editors. Some also worked for the Freedmen’s Bureau. Many of the carpetbaggers believed in the cause of achieving equal rights for A New Political Role · 55 African Americans. A few even supported the demand of black farmers to obtain their own land. Many carpetbaggers also saw an opportunity to take control of the Republican Party in the South.

Today, Fisk remains one of Church was Fisk University in America’s best-known universities. Nashville, Tennessee, established in 1865. , and Talladega College in Alabama, both established in 1867, as well as Tougaloo College in Mississippi, established in 1869. Some of these colleges, such as Tougaloo, trained black teachers, while others, such as Howard, also trained African-American doctors and lawyers. The Fisk Jubilee Singers B 62 · African Americans during Reconstruction VIOLENCE AND THE KU KLUX KLAN Many white Southerners opposed education for African Americans.

Among the best known of these groups was the Ku Klux Klan. The Klan was organized in Pulaski, Tennessee, in 1866, by six Confederate soldiers. ” At first the Klan was nothing more than a social club. Then members began riding around the countryside wearing white sheets and cone-shaped white hoods over their heads and faces. Sheets also covered their horses. Gradually, the Klan grew as more local groups began to form. Each group was called a den. The chief of each den was known as a cyclops. Because membership in the Klan was secret and the members covered their faces when they rode across the countryside, the Klan was often known as the Invisible Empire.

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