Amateur Telescope Making Advanced, Book Two (A Sequel to by Albert G. Ingalls

By Albert G. Ingalls

Backwoods Philosophy-Everest reflect Making Sub-diameter instruments steel Mirrors and apartments Astigmatism-Warner Prisms, apartments, Mirrors- creation A Quantitative Optical attempt for Telescope Mirrors-King acting the Ronchi try Quantitatively The Hartmann Test-Calder Flats-Selby Notes the of Optical resting find out how to Make Eyepiece Lenses The Refractor-Metal components and Mounting-Taylor The Refracting Telescope-Principles of Operation and ConstructionHaviland customarily at the target Lens goal Scopes-Kirkham For the Rifleman checking out Convex round Surfaces-King Collimation and Adjustment Diagonal move Telescope Drives-Lower for greater Telescopes Spring Drives for Telescopes The Springfield Mounting-Pattern Making-Porter With of Molding and Casting Molding and Casting Parts-Ferson Molding and Casting a Fork-Mason Springfield Mounting mideligw on Molding and Casting Machining the Springfield Mounting-Porter Motor Drives, Counterweighting, Pier-Springfield Mounting-Porter....

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