Anvil of Stars (Forge of God, Book 2) by Greg Bear

By Greg Bear

The Forge of God defined the destruction of Earth itself by means of self-replicating robots, Von Neumann machines designed to exploit the planet's mass to create extra robot creatures and unfold through the Galaxy. just a couple of people have survived, aided by means of a mysterious alien race identified purely as “The Benefactors”, who arrived at Earth too late. Now the small team of human survivors is set to trace down the legal race who introduced the planet killers. Humanity is given a starship through The Benefactors, and pushed purely by way of revenge they got down to locate the unknown beings who're accountable for the destruction of Earth, and plenty of different worlds.

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There will be no problem, Sangel,” said F’lar diplomatically. “We’ve no shortage of large dragons in the Weyr. ” “We’ve no shortage of trained, Blooded men to take Hold here, either,” Sangel said, shooting his jaw out belligerently. Trust old Sangel to come to the point, thought Robinton gracefully. “Not with Ruathan Blood,” Lessa said, her gray eyes flashing. “The whole point of my relinquishing my blood right to this Hold when I became Weyrwoman was to cede it to the one remaining male with any Ruathan Blood in his veins—Jaxom!

Ruth announced the words in Jaxom’s mind just before old Wilth and Lioth heralded the visitors with appropriate trumpetings. Jaxom rushed to the window and peered out, catching a glimpse of huge wings as the newcomers settled into the great courtyard. He didn’t wait long enough to see the Benden dragons remove themselves to the fire-heights, accompanied by excited fairs of fire-lizards. Drying himself hurriedly, he wriggled out of his wet trousers. It didn’t take him long to don his good new clothes and stamp into the boots made especially for this occasion and lined with downy wherry-hide for warmth in flight.

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