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“Preparation for old age should begin not later than one’s teens. A life which is empty of purpose until 65 will not suddenly become filled on retirement.”
                                                                                                                                   –   Dwight L. Moody


A bright future and a bold ambition needs the backing of a brilliant plan

Building a free and independent lifestyle needs more than just a drive to succeed and the skill to make it happen. It takes one of two other ingredients; good luck or good planning.

We all have different definitions of success and with age this definition keeps changing. However, for most of us success is the desire for financial independence, an aspiration to choose our own path in life and ultimately, a drive to achieve a sense of fulfillment and happiness.

Whether we say Gen-Y or Generation Next, the new generation in the work force of Australia is booming with their positive attitude towards work. We have all the knowledge and access to modern technology due to which there is “more than required” information available to us. We want to save for our retirement as well as want to live our present to the fullest. Work-life balance isn’t just a buzz word. We are working hard BUT at the same time due to lack of experience in ‘how to effectively manage our finances’, leaves us in DEBTS! Some of the important questions that may arise in the mind of GEN – Y are:

1)      Is this the right time to start planning?

2)      Where and how to start?

3)      Which strategy is right for us?

4)      Which way to choose and how to proceed further? Etc

It’s rightly said, “Time is Money”. This is the right time to start, so start today!! For all other questions guidance is required from the experts to plan our future… the way we want it to be…..  BRIGHT and FREE FROM FINANCIAL STRESS!!!!

As we proceed in the next age group of ‘Mommy Dear’ and ‘Daddy Dear’, we find that as a parent, our worries are never ending. Our mind is always occupied with so many question that are not only for the individual, however, is for the whole family. We are always struggling with our finances. Due to lack of appropriate planning, one big part of the hard earned income is deducted in taxes and other in mortgages and loans. This builds up stress and insecurity. We are forced to think if we are saving enough for our children, our retirement and other contingencies? No matter how hard we try to save, something or the other comes up which squeezes out our savings.  Increased family commitments brings with it, increased work load, stress and hard work.  Before things go out of our hands, we need to wake up and plan; plan and shape our future; and protect our assets! Protect what is most precious to you: make sure your children can live a happy life if either parent die or became ill. Give serious thought to how financially secure the family would be in case of the death or illness of either or both parent and put plans in place. Invest in avenues as per your risk profile and risk tolerance. Long term strategic planning in this age group is required to be able to provide a safe and secure financial future for the family.

Empty Nesters – Pre-retirement: As kids grow, they are ready to take their flight on and face the world, they move out! As a parent, one of the biggest missions of our life is achieved. The day of contentment and happiness brings some thoughts of now working to make second innings in our lives more beautiful contended. It’s the time again where we are left with less responsibility and more time and money for ourselves.  We are now one step away from our retirement age. This is the time when we have to put all our efforts to make sure that we leave no stone unturned to make our upcoming retirement age stress free. Most likely, we are in our peak income earning years of our working life and with minimum liabilities; the saving potential is higher than ever. Appropriate strategies to contribute in super and maximise investment returns as per risk tolerance with tax effectiveness is required at this stage. Check:

1)      Are we risk insured? Have we protected our biggest assets i.e. us appropriately?

2)      How much we need to retire? Is our super accumulating enough for us to survive in our post retirement years? Are we using appropriate super strategies?

3)      What type of Income Stream we need?

4)      Do we need to re-structure our investments?

5)      Can we retire earlier or do we have to work more?


Second Innings – Retirement: What is retirement? The dictionary says “The period of one’s life after leaving one’s job and ceasing to work” but we say it’s “Second Innings of our life”. If we have scored well in our first innings, we do not have to worry about our second innings. It’s a “Golden Period” where we can enjoy what we like to do. We have fulfilled our responsibilities and we have worked hard. Now we can give time to ourselves. We can enjoy the fruits of our crop!! Rightly Said, “As you sow, so shall you reap”! However, if for some reasons, we are unable to do well in our first innings we can always plan it now. Subject to the limitations that we have now (like irregular and low income etc), we can re-structure our investments in such a way that they give us best possible results. The some of the strategies may include:

1.      Reviewing and restructuring investments inside and outside super to maximise returns,

2.      Reviewing eligibility for Centre link benefits etc.

3.      Maximising income during retirement.

4.      Generating tax-free retirement income, eg income streams, pensions, lump sums.

5.      Advice to help minimise tax.

6.      Protecting your assets and family.

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